Stratifyd Website Design

During my time at Stratifyd my team put together a website design showcasing the platform and its capabilities. We set up the site in Squarespace, and maintained the site as a team. To show the platform capabilities in detail, we used a lot of screen mock ups, and small blue circles to highlight features inside the screenshots.

Home Page Design

The images on the home page highlighted the use of the platform outside of an office space. Stratifyd was changing the game by making data crunching available to non data scientists so it was important to show the platform in use outside of the office. Another way we showed this was screenshots on cellphones and iPads.

Products Page

The product page was especially important. The blue circles highlighted different features we really wanted people to pay attention to, some of the ones you can see here are the apps we connected to, salesforce, twitter, alibaba. The others were interactive widgets that we wanted people to see in use, word clouds that were clickable, comparison charts that the person could build from a template were just a few of the fun features we highlighted.

Blog Pages

The blog pages were really fun to do, most of the social media was based on social data we collected and analyzed. Using screenshots from Twitter pages helped bring that fact into perspective for the readers. We wanted to help them understand where the data was from and what we could read from it.

Other Pages

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