GRN Infographic design

For GRN Recruiters of Chapel Hill I created several emailable/postable infographics for thier blogs and social media presence. These images boosted inbound leads and applications to jobs they were trying to hire for. We created one for the main page, and 4 matching ones for each of the segments they serviced. It was a fun way to gain interest and match people to valuable jobs.

Branding Revival logo and branding

Branding revival is a marketing agency based out of the Charlotte area that focuses on helping small businesses make an impact in marketing through social media, SEO and grass roots marketing efforts.

They wanted a brand style that fit the vintage main street style and matched their grass roots approach to marketing.

AdvoK9 NC

This logo was created for a non profit called AdvoK9 NC. Their goal and mission was to advocate for animal rights in North Carolina. They wanted a logo in a badge style that featured two dogs. They also wanted something simple and easy to read in both Print and digital versions. We came up with this logo to fit those needs.

Diverse K9 Training logo

This project was for a local dog training program, they wanted a logo that was very outdoorsy and had a badge look to it. They also requested the Silhouette of two dobermans be present and in a cool layout.

After the initial conversation these were the concepts I sent over. It was very important that the logo look good in color, as well as black and white because they were planning to print the logo on t-shirts, and in vynl.

After these initial designs were sent, they really liked the last design. So we started talking about colors. This was the image that was sent over to look at the different color options.

After seeing a few color options they decided the original was a good look for them and got the final files for print and digital use! Here you can see how they used the logo for vynl, embriodery and more!

Sales Performance International Website

The sales performance international website had several goals, the first was to update the site in a new and interesting way, the second was to give the site the ability to be personalized for each viewer based on role, location, and industry. the image below was the main page for any non customized viewer.

SPI Home v7-icons

Each page had a layout that followed almost the “s” pattern in the logo, as far as the leading lines went. They wanted a lot of white space and a modern flow using the blues and greens from the logo and branding.

Personalized pages were set up with a different background and images based on the industry, then the role and location data changed the content on the pages.

The Local Wit

Just recently I had the pleasure of working with some really cool people from Queens, New York. They are a really cool couple with a passion for their burrow. Their company is called the local wit and I designed their t-shirts. They also have a social media page that’s really cool. We started out on this project with a few quotes and I took those and put them together as designs for t-shirts. All together we completed about 20 different designs and they were really fun!

Trailer wrap design

For this project I learned a lot! Starting with resolution of images and how to solve those problems as they come up. And how big photos should be if they need to be 6′ tall and viewed up close. I also learned a lot about the personal use of a logo and what restrictions come with that. It was kind of neat that each school was different to deal with and their policies were just as different. Over all it was a great learning experience as well as a great product in the end!

Watercolor logos

The one thing that a lot of companies are really striving for is uniqueness. How do they stand out in a crowd? For that matter how do they stand out among their competition? One way some companies like to stand out is logos, More specifically hand made logos. These logos are hand drawn or painted and look like they were just drawn up or painted in some little studio in New York or London and can really add a lot of interest to a website business card or Ad. These logos you will see here are hand made watercolor logos.