Printed Materials

Tipsy Proof box Design

This box was designed to fit 4 cups, and show off the logo in an attractive way. It is still used to ship the cups and was featured in all product marketing images.

Mug N’ Brush signage

These signs were created to be visible from the parking lot as well as the sidewalk in front of the store.

Stratifyd Tradeshow Banner

This pop up banner was used at trade shows in 2017, the goal was to show how data analytics was used by different team members.

Anjanay T-shirt designs

Anjanay clothing is a clothing brand geared toward providing yogi’s and yoga instructors with comfortable and stylish yoga inspired clothing.

SPI Sales Tradeshow set up

This trade show set up was done in the space of a month. On this tight deadline we put together both pop up banners, the large Cayote banner as well as 4 different brochures and 2 presentations.

Painted Pony In Store Signage

This graphic was printed and used in store by the cash register. I created a set of graphics to be used in windows, front of store as well as brochures for this event.

Citadel/Gardner Web trailer Design

This design was used for a trailer in Charleston. Its regularly used at the citadel games by one of their fans.

Molle Mags Box Design

This box was designed to fit into the branding and also show off the product and unique ways of installing the magnet to hold a gun.

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