Sales Performance International- Branding, website and beyond.

Sales Performance International is a global sales performance training company focused on creating lasting behavior change in sales teams using our world-class Solution Selling® process. Through Sales Performance Training, our instructor-led learning, and a Performance Development Platform, our technology-driven enablement, SPI drives results for our clients.

My role as the Creative Marketing Manager was to update and maintain the sales materials and digital advertising graphics, as well as the branding guide and any and all visual elements of that brand. I also lead the website development team as well as the, social media team.

Working on the website our goal as a team was to create a brand and website that was truly new, innovative and exciting. We were all very focused on the fact that it needed to be clean, simple, and readable. The other thing we were all very excited about was onsite personalization and translation. We found two companies to accomplish these goals:

  • Text United was brought in to do onsite translations. Their tool uses javascript to push new translations translated by an AI tool that they built. One important facet of this project was the fact that we absolutely had to have a library of words we could access and change to ensure that if one word was translated a specific way it always was used that way. They also have translators on standby to be able to look over these translations and make sure they are completely correct.
  • Bound360 was brought into this project to personalize the project on a personal level. We were able to use their tool to customize what our customers see based on their role, industry and interests. These personalizations included:
    • Being able to serve an alternate home page based on industry
    • Serving content (blogs, white papers, and resources) based on role and industry.
    • Serving specific programs to companies based on company size.

These solutions on top of each other enabled us to create a site that was completely dynamic and first of its kind. Our team was very proud of these accomplishments.

For the brand, we cleaned up the logo, the type was lined out so that it looked like a block of text and not a clean flow logo. Coporate-branding-design1

We also started updating images and sales presentations right away. The sales presentations we created a template for and then pushed that to the sales team. the new template was cleaner, had more whitespace and less words. It really just needed an updated look.

The really innovative piece of the sales materials was the vehicle we set up to serve it to the sales people. SPI partnered with a company called Showpad that built out an app we used to give to the sales people as a presentation tool. The presentation tool allowed us to be able to give them the most up to date content and materials without having to worry about version control. it also allowed us visibility into their needs and the decks that they were presenting.

The thing I found the most exciting about this project was the ability to change an image or text in the backend and pushing that to the sales team immediately. This changed the way sales and marketing had been communicating. Meaning that they were actually communicating about materials that they needed, and materials that we were giving them.




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