Pediatric Eye Care Logo

Vantage Point Eye is a family focused Eye Care Practice with an emphasis on pediatric eye care. They wanted a fun outdoorsy logo that represented this. We worked on a logo that was usable in both black and white as well as color. We worked through several different versions that included mountains and trees. They… Continue reading Pediatric Eye Care Logo

Nolo Eye Care

Nolo Eye Care is a newly opened Eye Care practice that needed a logo to represent their modern brand. We went through the project and worked through many different versions before deciding on this particular design. They wanted something that included glasses and the name of their local area. It was a fun logo to… Continue reading Nolo Eye Care

GRN Infographic design

For GRN Recruiters of Chapel Hill I created several emailable/postable infographics for thier blogs and social media presence. These images boosted inbound leads and applications to jobs they were trying to hire for. We created one for the main page, and 4 matching ones for each of the segments they serviced. It was a fun… Continue reading GRN Infographic design