Graphic Design & Marketing

by Ashley Pate Parkinson



My process for creating graphics includes a lot of interactivity with my clients. Finding the best design solution for my clients is the highest priority. By collaborating and showing my clients multiple options and different ways to solve each issue we can find the best solution for any design function.

She is wonderful to work with. I have a creative mind but not the best at getting my ideas into word form. She helps with that too.

Animal Illustration via upwork


Monkey Foods – Vegan Food Experience

Branding, Social, and Printed Assets

Monkey foods is a vegan restaurant that prides itself on personality and flavor.

Molle Mags

Branding, packaging & photography

This project was created for a company while I was freelancing. The product was created and shipped in these boxes with the logo I created imprinted in the middle. It was a fun creative project and I really enjoyed working on it. You can read about the process and project here.

Painted Pony

Branding, in store signage, Ad designs.

Painted pony was a local high end children’s consignment store. The store was in business for 10 years before the rebrand and they wanted something a little more upscale while keeping the orginal theme. You can read more about this brand here.

Ashley was absolutely great to work with. She was responsive, professional and a creative designer. Highly recommend.

Tshirt design via Upwork

Sales Performance International

Marketing, Sales Materials, and tradeshow materials.

I worked for sales performance international for almost two years focusing on creating digital, and print graphics for their marketing and sales teams. See more of my work for this brand here.


Logo, branding, sales and marketing materials

I worked for Stratifyd fora year. While I was there thier goal was to create a brand that would appeal to a higher end B2B client. We achieved this by creating clean graphics that were easy to read and stood out from the competition. Read more about that process here.

Grassfed SEO

Branding, Infographics, and Sales materials

Grassfed SEO is a marketing company that focused on organic traffic. They wanted a brand that was earthy and connected the customer to the feeling of a farm to table restaurant. I had a lot of fun with this project, you can see more of it here.

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