My work as a graphic designer and marketer is widely varied. Being the graphic designer and marketer for a corporate company comes with a lot of hats. Here are a few of the skills I have learned along my journey.

Digital Design

Doing digital design started very early in my career. I have designed things from logos and branding design to websites and social media images.


My experience in marketing began in 2016, and includes things like ad campaigns, email campaigns through Pardot and mailchimp. And creating graphs and charts to show the progress of these campaigns.

Print Design

Ive been doing print design since I started in graphic design. Some of my favorite projects have been trade show pop ups, brochures, business cards and sales materials.


Adobe Creative Suite

I learned on Adobe creative suite programs in college and have continued to use them since starting my professional career.

Office Programs

One fact I am very proud of is that I can design in office programs as well. In my last company, we had a need to design in these programs to allow people to have branded templates that they could edit on a customer to customer basis.

Google Docs

Another platform I have learned along the way is google docs, sheets, and slides. We used google extensively at each company I have been in so far and their design tools get better every year.

Social Media Management

One helpful skill as a graphic designer is being able to curate social media platforms and post regularly for a company. Each company I have worked for has needed this skill and I really enjoyed the work.

Sketch Design Program

I also have had the opportunity to experiment with Sketch for a few projects. I am comfortable using it if I need to.

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