Pediatric Eye Care Logo

Vantage Point Eye is a family focused Eye Care Practice with an emphasis on pediatric eye care. They wanted a fun outdoorsy logo that represented this. We worked on a logo that was usable in both black and white as well as color.

We worked through several different versions that included mountains and trees. They decided on this one because it was fun and whimsical.

You can see how they used the logo here:

Nolo Eye Care

Eye Care logo and branding

Nolo Eye Care is a newly opened Eye Care practice that needed a logo to represent their modern brand.

We went through the project and worked through many different versions before deciding on this particular design. They wanted something that included glasses and the name of their local area. It was a fun logo to work on. You can see their website and the logo here!

Watercolor logos

The one thing that a lot of companies are really striving for is uniqueness. How do they stand out in a crowd? For that matter how do they stand out among their competition? One way some companies like to stand out is logos, More specifically hand made logos. These logos are hand drawn or painted and look like they were just drawn up or painted in some little studio in New York or London and can really add a lot of interest to a website business card or Ad. These logos you will see here are hand made watercolor logos.